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Schooley Mitchell

2711 Winglewood Circle
Lutz FL 33558
William McKissock - Expense Reduction Specialist
About Us

My service is pretty simple; I provide a 100% risk free analysis of your billing accounts for any or all of these services that you pay for, waste, small package shipping, merchant services and telecom. Myself and my team of analysts then prepare professional reports summarizing your services allowing you to clearly see what you have and what you are paying for. I then advise  how you can do it better and at less cost.

My advice is totally objective, completely independent, therefore, I do not sell any products, I am not aligned with any shipping, merchant services, waste management or telecom providers. My goals are your goals, everything I do is in your best interest. The best part is, if we don't find you savings or you don't accept our recommendations my services are completely free.

Furthermore, my analysis is not just a one off, I continue to objectively monitor the markets, providing you with quarterly reporting making sure you are always being charged the right price and receiving the right services for your business needs, not what your vendors subjectively advises you. On average we save our clients 27-28% on these costs. We do the work on your behalf delivering Time, Money, Security and Knowledge.

We recently saved one of our clients over $60,000 per year. Their vendor advised them that they were receiving the best prices, best services and did not want to negotiate. As we have thousands of clients, we knew this was not true. My client is extremely busy and does not have the time or resources to continuously audit their costs, expenses and services. We do with our head office staff of over 70 people and 140 offices coast to coast. Therefore, we did it for them, spending our time delivering our resources.  Furthermore, because their vendor took so long to finally come to the table with an offer of better rates which only happened because of our negotiations on their behalf; we went back to the vendor and asked for the new reduced rates to be backdated. My client recently received a further credit of $10,000 on top of the $60,000 per year lower rate savings. All due to our continuing efforts acting solely on their behalf.

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